Peace and security one year after Independence.

Jonglei peace confernceWith the independence of South Sudan in July 9, 2011, several ethnic groups were involved in a vicious cycle of revenge and counter revenge that were fueled by historic feuds and struggle over natural resources and political wrangling.

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The road to Independence

Paul Banks-UNMIS-Independence Preparations 28They fought the battles and survived; sat in meetings in which they disagreed until they reached an agreement, ran the race for their self-determination in January 2011 and received their certificate of Independence at Dr John Garang Mausoleum on 9th July 2011, to be called South Sudan, the newest African country, which became the 193rd member of the United Nations.

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Health accomplishments one year after independence

polio-croppedAs soon as the whistle for the referendum result was blown and South Sudan declared an Independent State on July 9th , the new nation started working to put its house in order.

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Infrastructure is a priority for South Sudan

road-sudanAs South Sudan prepares to celebrate the first anniversary of their hard earned Independence, they are asking whether their expectations have been met.

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The Economy, one year on

SSPFollowing the declaration of South Sudan as an Independent and Republican State in July 2011, the new country made its first economic stride in gaining control of 75 percent of its oil revenue, established a Central Bank and launched its own currency; the South Sudanese Pound.

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