Rethinking South Sudan’s foreign policy

PhotosNotwithstanding tweaks associated with the status of a "rebel" movement in the courtyards of international diplomacy, pundits reflecting on South Sudan's years of struggle with the North recall that the SPLM used to have a very robust representation in the centres of power around the world.

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Local Businessmen Cry Out

southsudanflagThe new nation of South Sudan faces economic challenges from several fronts, not least among which is the development and sustainability of the private sector. Lacking the requisite experience and capacity, local businesses find it hard to face free-market competition. The government's fluid economic policies only compound matters.

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Austerity measures; are they enough?

Council of ministersThe South Sudan National Legislative Assembly passed a SSP 2.7 billion quarterly budget this April. Radio Miraya's Round Table discussed the austerity measures with Dr Kimu Aban from the faculty of Economics at the University of Juba and Peter Biar, director of the Centre for Strategic Analysis and Research in Juba.

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Machar calls for unity and peace in Jonglei

Machar talking to pressSouth Sudanese Vice President Riek Machar has called on the people in Jonglei to unite and to live in peace and harmony. The Vice President made the appeal during a tour of Ayod, Duk and Twic East counties in the State early April, accompanied by Jonglei Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk, State and national MPs and UNMISS officials.

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Triumph of the parent-teacher partnership

childrenIt is lunch break and playground at Gudele Model Nursery and Primary School in Juba is bubbling with the shouts and laughter of pupils at play. Yet, just a couple of years back, these children had no access to school!

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