Peaceful protest in Warrup State over takeover of Abyei

warrapThousands of people in Kwajok, Warrap State conducted a peaceful demonstration Friday against  the takeover of Abyei by the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF). The SAF pushed all southern troops out of Abyei following a recent attack on a UN convoy carrying 200 SAF soldiers who were part of the Joint Integrated Units being deployed in the area.

The demonstrators in Kwajok walked from Freedom Square to the office of the United Nations Mission in Sudan and presented a memo.

Warrap Governor Nyadeng Malek said that her government has strongly condemned the takeover of Abyei. On Thursday, the President of the Government of Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit, called on the North to unconditionally pull out of Abyei, but also said that there will be no return to war over the disputed territory.


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