Sudanese authorities close-down SPLM-North headquarters in Khartoum

national-assembly-crpdSudanese authorities have closed down the Sudan People's Liberation Movement - (SPLM-North) offices in Khartoum.


The Khartoum government said on Saturday that it will shut down SPLM offices in other states, until the party legalizes it activities and abides by the laws.

News agencies are reporting that the Sudan police force have siezed the office of the SPLM - North Secretary General, Yasir Arman, in Arkweit suburb.

The decision to close the SPLM-N offices comes after clashes broke out between the Sudan Armed Forces and the SPLM-North in Blue Nile state.

Addressing the media in Khartoum on Saturday, Sudan's government Spokesperson, Kamal Obeid stated that his government will deal firmly with all rebels groups.

The SPLM-North leadership in Khartoum issued a statement on Sunday confirming that the government of Sudan has banned its activities and arrested a number of its members in several locations in the north.


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