SPLA General arrested over human rights violations

(20th August, 2013) - A senior Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) commander in Jonglei State has been arrested over a series of alleged human rights violations.

The French News Agency (AFP) reported that Gen. James Otong Riek, has been arrested after being implicated in "several reports and complaints of killings. 

Army Spokesman, Philip Aguer Panyang, said the arrest had been ordered by President Salva Kiir.

Aguer, gave no further details of the charges against Riek, but the General was in command during a recent controversial disarmament campaign criticized by rights groups for widespread abuses.

Soldiers were reported to have raped, tortured and looted as they confiscated weapons.

Over 100,000 people were affected during recent conflict in Jonglei, when thousands of gunmen in northern Jonglei marched south towards Pibor.

In May, fighting between the SPLA and the David Yau Yau militia group intensified and forced almost the entire population of Pibor County to flee into the bush.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian agency Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said fear and floods have made it difficult for people to access assistance in Pibor County.

MSF said 90,000 people are still missing. Of the 28,000 people accounted for, few are receiving the assistance they need.


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